Ecosystem Services

Air and water and the services they provide are essential to maintaining sustainable communities and therefore regulations to protect these resources will remain an important focal point for governments and industry. Because the manufacture, transport, storage, or use of products frequently entails the discharge, or potential to discharge, pollutants to these environmental media, Verdant’s product-related concentration extends to the U.S. Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act as well as related state programs.

In the United States, the Clean Air Act is one of the oldest environmental statutes. Clean Air Act programs focus on reducing ambient amounts of pollutants that cause smog, haze, acid rain, and other problems, reducing the amount toxic air pollutants that may cause adverse health effects, and phasing out the production and use of chemicals that destroy stratospheric ozone. To accomplish these goals, the Act regulates air pollutants originating from stationary sources such as manufacturing facilities and mobile sources such as automobiles, but it also regulates certain commercial and consumer products such as fuels, fuel additives, paints, and solvents that may be sources contributing to air pollution.

The Clean Water Act is another of the nation’s oldest environmental statutes. The Act focuses on protecting the physical, chemical, and biological integrity of the nation’s surface waters. To this end, the statute regulates water quality standards and employs both regulatory and non-regulatory tools to reduce direct discharges into waterways of different types of pollutants, including those considered “toxic.”

Navigating the myriad of permitting, registration, reporting and other requirements that these statutes impose can be a daunting task often requiring the assistance of technical consultants and legal counsel. Verdant is able to help clients understand the requirements, identify opportunities to tailor them to meet unique circumstances, and respond to any noncompliance that may occur. Verdant provides a range of Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act services such as:

  • Interpreting existing regulations.
  • Drafting and submitting comments on permitting and other regulatory proposals.
  • Supporting product registrations or challenging product restrictions.
  • Managing internal compliance audits and investigations.
  • Supervising voluntary disclosures of potential noncompliance.
  • Defending against enforcement actions.

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