Nanotechnology is a relatively new field receiving significant attention because of its promise and its unknowns. It is broadly defined as the ability to manipulate and control matter in the size range of approximately 1 to 100 nanometers to harness new behaviors and properties. This ability, which enables the development of new materials and products as well as the improvement of others, has the potential to make significant contributions toward achieving environmental sustainability and other important societal objectives. However, questions concerning the environmental, health, and safety risks of some embodiments of the technology may prevent realization of its full potential, or at least lead to heightened scrutiny from various stakeholders including regulators and plaintiffs’ counsel. Companies developing nanomaterials and nanotechnology-enabled products therefore need to understand and manage these and other risks in order to succeed in the marketplace.

Verdant concentrates on helping companies navigate the legal requirements and manage the compliance, liability, and market risks. The Firm can assist clients by:

  • Organizing and managing consortia to develop data and prepare comments for submission to expert bodies and regulatory agencies.
  • Evaluating participation in voluntary programs.
  • Providing compliance counseling regarding existing right-to-know, workplace health and safety, chemicals management, and product-approval requirements.
  • Providing strategic public policy, litigation and regulatory advocacy and counsel.
  • Supporting internal compliance audits.
  • Preparing comments, and mounting legal challenges, to regulatory proposals.
  • Tracking emerging initiatives at the local, state, national, and international levels, and analyzing their implications for new and existing products.
  • Representing companies or other organizations before international standards development bodies and similar working groups.
  • Supporting product design and development initiatives to help manage compliance and liability risks.
  • Advising on value chain management efforts, including supply chain due diligence and management.
  • Advising on the development and implementation of nanotechnology-specific workplace health & safety and product stewardship practices and policies.
  • Defending against enforcement actions and other legal challenges.

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